"Sugar Babies" Dating is A Trend in America
Posted by FreeSugarBabyWebsites.com | June 24, 2016

sugar babiesSugar babies dating is a phenomenon which is sweeping the United States and Canada. Actually, it has been popular in Colombia for a long time.

Over these years, many women in United States have shown negative comments on foreigners for promoting it.

The phenomenon I was talking about is the trend of college students meeting older, wealthier men.

"It’s a trend. It's becoming popular." said by the spokesman of "SugarDaddyMeet.com". They are assisting young, gorgeous college students finding wealthy benefactors to help paying for their tuition fees in exchange for sugar babies’ time and intimate companionship.

In Columbia, we call young ladies who’ve been engaged with an older man, especially a foreigner, to pay for something even more important than tuition fee, “putas”.

Is there anything important than paying the tuition fee? Survival, putting food on the table to fee your hungry off-springs. Milk of a growing baby. a flat for them. Clothes to wear, etc.

Yes, there are some women use the money other than food &housing, but then do you think that all college students sugar babies are just using their sugar daddies’ (sugar mommies’) money to pay for tuition?

The high living costs and low salaries in Columbia have forced and keeps forcing many young women, especially ladies in their late teens and 20s, to find other ways to survive and give their off-spring a future.

It’s the same situation in North America: increasing tuition fees, life spending and low salaries for young graduation students all lead to the “sugar daddies/mommies dating”.

Certainly, many sugar daddy websites like "SugarDaddyMeet.com" do not advocate sexual relations, but let’s be practical. Those young ladies who are dating sugar daddies receive an average allowance about $3000 every month from their wealthy benefactors.

Have you ever thought isn’t it common phenomenon? Then you may be surprised by the fact that more than 15 million "college students" are using the sugar daddy dating site, "college students" covers 45% of its overall membership. It’s 1000 times than the "putas" in Columbia.

It is reported that the quantities of sugar babies in Toronto University increases at the quickest speed, with 200 students signing up in the year of 2015. The university of Vancouver has 400 young female students joining sugar daddy/mommy dating site for "mutually beneficial relationships" with 2,000 Vancouver sugar daddies. These successful, wealthy daddies are usually middle-aged, while some of them are in their 30s or younger.

This is about 5 times of the "college students" who we can see at the popular hotel "Holiday Inn" on a weekend night.

Many older, successful & busy, divorced men and a growing number of younger men in their 30s, have been visiting Columbia looking for "sweet sugar babies". With the trend that is now popular in North America, many of them don’t need to go so far, they just have to seek out no further than the college or university in local.