Is There a Real Free Sugar Baby Website?
Posted by | Jun 20, 2020

free to sign up a sugar baby websiteWhen you’re interested in a new relationship, but you don’t want a huge commitment on both sides, entering sugar baby websites can be a very good idea. There are lots of websites for sugar baby dating, so you just have to find what option works for you and what type of results you want to pursue. But are there truly free sugar baby sites or not?.

It’s all a matter of perspective

One thing to note about sugar baby websites is that they always tend to have some sort of fee. Granted, you can argue that all sites are free sugar baby sites because you can create an account there without paying anything. That’s true, but if you actually want to use the website, you immediately hit a paywall. For some websites, you can access a trial period, while for others you need to pay for at least a month and prices can range from $50 to $90 per month. So, yes, sugar dating can be rather expensive, which is something you really want to avoid.

Thankfully there are some more affordable sugar baby websites like Here you just need to pay $7 per month and still enjoy a very good set of features. It’s a great idea to consider, especially if you want to have all the features without having to pay a huge premium

Are there fully free sugar baby websites?

There are some sugar baby websites that went the other route. They are fully free for sugar babies. But sugar daddies have to pay for the advanced features. Seeking is a good example because it’s free as long as you can get verified that you are a student. On the other hand, is fully free for sugar babies. In fact, most of the sugar baby websites will have a lot of freedom for sugar babies. But more often than not, the sugar daddy is the one that needs to pay a hefty fee.

Why are sugar baby websites charging a fee?

As you can imagine, these websites are not charitable and the owners need to make money from them. You have to realize that they are creating a product, so they need to sell it online. Plus, while people would love to have free sugar baby websites, the reality is that asking for a fee does filter many of the potential sugar daddies that will visit the website.

If the sugar daddy is real and he has a lot of money, he won’t mind paying a premium just to find the right sugar baby for him. For men with less money, the fees will be outrageous, however, that’s not the idea here. Sugar babies are expecting wealthy men on these websites, and asking for a fee does help narrow down real sugar daddies. So it’s basically the best of both worlds since a fee helps protect sugar babies while also keeping the website free of any fraudulent sugar daddies. It’s not ideal if you want to use sugar baby websites, but you can see why that happens!