How to Impress Sugar Daddy on the First Date
Posted by | November 11, 2016

sugar baby and sugar daddy are happy on the first dateToo often, ladies are puzzled as to why their dates are likely to go skewed when they are certain that they did the whole thing. However, if your plan is to amaze your sugar daddy on your first date, here are the things you need to keep into your mind.

Ways to amaze or impress sugar daddy on your first date

Never Overdo your Makeup: When dating a sugar daddy, you can’t dress similar way you would do on casual evening with friends. If you’re meeting a sugar daddy for the very first time, make it simple but classy. Try to look natural for him to know your real beauty. There is no use of hiding behind piles of makeup.

1. Pay Closely to Him

During your date, you can ask some questions and listen carefully to his responses. If your date says he loves swimming or diving, asking about places he has not yet visited, but he would love to visit. Show to your date that you are a good listener. You need to show that you are interested on all the things he says.

2. Laugh

Unless your sugar daddy does not have a sense of humor, there is no reason for you to not relax and share a laugh. Do not be so uppity during the first date. Sugar daddies love a sugar babies who is outgoing and happy and is not fret to laugh loud once the moment calls for it.

3. Never Tell the Story of your Life

Your life might be interesting or incredible, and maybe you have gone from various parts of the world, however a first date isn’t a right time to show or reveal the whole thing about you and your accomplishment. Share anecdotes and provide him an insight into what you are like, however don’t under any conditions show your insecurities or the whole thing which makes you tick.

4. You Have to Avoid complaining

Perhaps you were trapped in traffic, showing your sugar daddy the complaining part of yourself during the first date will not likely amaze him or impress him. Although he is complaining on things, you have to try to keep away from giving in to negative part of your life. You need to maintain composure and practice patience.

5. Don’t be a Nuisance

Do not call him in offensive time; never ask for extra favors each time you meet. This will seem like being a gold digger as well as a parasite and even if your relationship is based on him sponsoring you, this could put a sugar daddy off. So, please you have to avoid doing it.

6. Treat your Sugar Daddy with Respect

Don’t be condescending, don’t promise something and then not stick to the promise you have made. Do not joke on his profession, age or uninteresting domestic life. You do not have to be a doormat and chuckle at every joke he throws, you do not need to agree with the whole thing he says however you can still be polite, honest and classy.