How to Figure Out A Fake Sugar Daddy?
Posted by | October 11, 2016

find a sugar daddyDo you want to be one of the sugar babies that benefit from a sugar daddy? There are plenty of rich men around but there are a lot more men who pretend to be a rich one. In the dating scene, men with pockets that are deep have more edge than those who does not have it. Their capabilities to provide financial security and a luxury living lures women in their direction.

You can meet sugar daddies through sugar baby websites. There, most of the men you will meet are honest, reputable and just looking to be acquainted with young and beautiful women. But there is no denying of the fact that there are some of them who are only trying to scam you and get something from you without giving anything in return.

One of the good things that sugar baby sites bring is the use of a meeting through online where you can communicate with the sugar daddy you are dealing with before you meet in person. But there is nothing wrong if those who wants to be sugar babies are going to exercise some caution in making their judgment. Here are some tips to find out if potential sugar daddies fake.

1. Their only interest is sex. If this is your thing, you can go for it. If the potential sugar daddy you are meet through sugar baby sites talks about sex that fast, they are only on for one thing and upon getting it, they will disappear in your life already.

2. For your first meeting, he insists that you come to him. There is nothing wrong if they would suggest a spot where you can meet. But when you suggest an alternate place and he still insisted on what he wants, sugar babies should see this a warning sign. A sugar daddy that is genuine will be excited to meet you for the very first time but they will respect your boundaries and will be concerned with your comfort level. If they are pressuring you this is a clear indication that they are needy, demanding and wants full control in everything.

3. His profile is too good to be true. If the picture they use in the sugar baby sites you found looks like a picture of a model, they may be fake. We are not saying that there is no sugar daddy that looks good. But let us be realistic, if they have the money and the looks, why would they turn to the sugar baby sites to find the company? There may be exceptions here but when you met them in person and they look different, sugar babies should know right then that they are being deceived.

4. Upon making your contract, he wants to meet immediately. If a sugar daddy is excited to meet you that soon, that is not that bad. But if he is so desperate to meet you right after you accepted him, sugar babies are not what this kind of men are looking for. It is more like an escort.

5. He always find excuses to refuse webcam chatting with you. Normally, a sugar daddy will be interested in your appearance and figure. Although he can see your photos on profile, it's different with the real person after all. He communicates with you through endless emails, text or phone call, but he has no plan to see you offline and find many excuses to refuse chatting with you through webcam.

6. Watch out for sugar daddies who focus on discussing allowances for each meeting or visit. Allowances need to be talked about when both sides feel comfortable. Be careful if a sugar daddy is too interested in discussing the money for per visit. He's probably a player.