How To Be A Sugar Baby
Posted by | January 14, 2016

how to be a sugar babyYou need to know what is a sugar baby before getting prepared to be a sugar baby. It’s difficult to find a sugar daddy. And how to keep long-term relationship with a sugar daddy? At first, you must know how to be a sugar baby. Here are some tips to provide reference.

1. Be perfect yourself. Having an attractive and gorgeous appearance, keep hot body. Perfect appearance is the first element you can attract sugar daddy. It’s very important to give him a good first impression. Please do beauty as often as you can and do exercise as often as you can but don’t ever-exercise. Some sugar babies even have pieces of muscles on the body. Sugar daddies still prefer delicate sugar babies rather than “woman man”. Some sugar babies like making tattoos on the body, you can send more photos about your tattoos to sugar daddies on sugar baby website. You can check how many sugar daddies will get back to you and are interested in you.

2. Be honest. Honesty is always the most important no matter when. Don’t lie to him no matter while exchanging online or offline or making phone call. Many sugar babies like uploading some photos which are downloaded from internet due to various different reasons. Lies will be disclosed one day. You may not like the embarrassing scenes. The result is that he may turn away. Then he won’t give you any response.

3. Appropriate dress. Age or body is not your curse. No matter what shape or age you are, try to choose the most suitable and comfortable dress for you. Try to dress sexy but not vulgar. Men like sexy woman but it’s vulgar to expose excessively. Survey shows that sugar babies in the age of 20-35 are most welcome by sugar daddies. It does not matter if you are not in this age. You still have chance to learn how to dress properly before dating with them. Age is the biggest secret for women.

4. Always keep breath fresh and a touch of body fragrance. Some sugar babies may have bad breath, chewing a gum before dating with him every time. You can spray a light flavor perfume before each appointment with him even if you do not love perfume. Don’t be too pungent. Otherwise, he will sneeze and do not dare to be close to you. Sugar daddy always expects the most perfect you.

5. Don’t sleep with him on the first date. Do not promise him easily. Otherwise, it will affect your allowance negotiation with him directly. You should make the final decision after having talked the allowance issues with him.

6. Don’t fall in love with your sugar daddy. You two have big age difference and won’t have results. He had his wife, his family. You also have your future.

7. Do not destroy his family. Do not add trouble to his normal life. You're just a parallel line of his normal life. You do not have an intersection line with his normal life. If you are a sugar baby, you don’t surprise him on the job, and you may never do things publicly in the city where you both live. You’re there to make him happy, and often times do what his wife isn’t doing for him at home.

8. Show your unique personality. Why sugar daddy dating with a younger sugar baby? It's because that younger sugar babies are more energetic,outgoing,enthusiastic. The passionate life of sugar babies is what sugar daddies are looking forward to. Their life has become a bland due to family and life. They need you to act as a seasoning to make their life colorful again. So, do not change your personality. On the contrary, you should always keep freshness to him.

9. Be positive. Maintain an optimistic attitude,always keep smiling. Smile always shorten the distance between people. Never complain. Do not bring your negative emotions into dating. Past is past. Do not take the initiative to mention sad things of your past or your ex- or current boyfriend unless he asks. You must remember how hot and how fun you are! You are the best.

10. Don’t rely on sugar daddy too much. You should keep independent. You can’t be involved in his real life although she can give you some money or help you to pay off debt or pay college tuition. You are not his wife. You should have your own life. You should have your own life. You should have plan for your future. Finding a boyfriend and a job who can offer you steady income. You should let him realize that you can still have colorful life without him.