Have You Prepared to Be a Sugar Baby? It’s not All Presents and Glamour.
Posted by FreeSugarBabyWebsites.com | April 18, 2016

A real sugar babyIt’s funny that my sugar baby life has just started from a joke.

I broke up with my boyfriend when I was a fresh man which made me very disappointed about life. I lost the scholarship at the same time. I dare not to tell my parents since they were very strict.

I have to find a way to earn money by myself. I tried to apply part-time jobs but the effect turns out not to be good. One of my friends kidding me and said “You may be a sugar baby”. Yes, it’s this joke which caught my attention, “well, I may do this!”

I joined a large-scale sugar baby dating site at first with making an account and uploading some profile pictures. To my surprise, many guys began sending message to me. I dated many types of men of different color, different height, different age. For me, it isn’t a game. It’s job. I have to do this job to earn money to support myself. It’s a job which will help me to pay the costs of learning at the best university in Atlanta. It will help me realize my dream of being a nurse. I keep reminding myself “You are not wrong to do this. It’s a job which can help you get through school. “

It’s not illegal to date with sugar daddy. I searched the activity’s legality and discovers that nothing breaks the law. However, it’s still very difficult for others to see how this is different with other similar activities. Free mind is the major difference with sugar baby dating.

I was encouraged by some sugar baby websites to begin my own research. I will discuss the income with sugar daddy. “Can you really do this? Could you support me financially?” “Yeah,” and they’ll usually show you how much allowance they can get for every month. It’s also important to know who I’m in a relationship with. I try to learn these people, you know by checking photos and chatting through skype and snapchat. I have to communicate with those guys in some way so that I can figure out how they look and who they are.”

At the beginning, I will make it clear that what I’m willing to do. There are strange guys who will make you do strange things. One time, one guy asked me “do you mind being urinated on?” This is an uncomfortable thing for me. So, I will definitely refuse.

I work hard for money. You may think it’s easy to get thousands of dollars. No, the fact is not like that. Some sugar daddies will do but those are the high-class.” How many you can earn will depend on what you are willing to do and who you will accept as your client. You can estimate how much a sugar daddy is willing to spend on you. It’s not like in the movie, where you find a sugar daddy and he gives you a luxury car and pays your tuition fee and all of this stuff.

I will keep my sugar baby life a secret. It’s a secret which I will let it go to my grave. Would I be here if I studied more on my freshman year? Sometimes, I lay on the bed and can’t stop crying. I have ended my sugar baby life now. Still it has effect on my character.

------------Above contents are from a sugar baby’s autobiography