Living The Life Of A Sugar Baby
Posted by | November 06, 2015

sugar baby lifestyleA sugar baby is a young woman who is attracted to older, wealthy men (the sugar daddy) who can gift her with cars, jewelry, homes and vacations so that she can live a very expensive lifestyle. These young women often attach themselves to rich athletes and wealthy businessmen who love to be seen with a beautiful younger woman on their arms and who have no problems setting these young women up in homes and apartments in different parts of the world so they have someone to be with when they travel.

Once a sugar baby is well taken care of, she spreads the word to her friends and family and they also take up the lifestyle. After all, what's not to like? You spend time with a rich man and he lavishes gifts upon you. While he's off taking care of business, or even his wife and family, you pamper yourself in spas, going shopping and making sure you look perfect for your sugar daddy. Your lifestyle becomes your job. You have to look perfect in every way. If that means plastic surgery, no problem. If that means more clothes and shoes, no problem. A sugar daddy doesn't mind pampering his sugar baby at all. The sky is the limit.

More and more of these women put themselves in the spotlight these days to rave about their wonderful lives. They are proud of the “work” they do and they love being doted upon by rich men. Now, some of these women stay with one man, since their fidelity gives them a better lifestyle. While other sugar babies play the field, often going on dates multiple nights of the week with rich men who need a beautiful women to accompany them to dinners, clubs and other appointments. At the end of the evening, these women can be paid in cash or sometimes given lavish gifts. It often seems like too simple of a job for the recompense.

Many of these sugar babies begin this lifestyle while in college. They find it's an easy way to make a lot of money while they finish their education so they don't have to do menial jobs, such as waitressing or house cleaning. They still have time to study and they have a lot of extra money in their pockets to put toward their education as well as more stunning outfits for their “dates”. They are young enough and well educated enough to look great and carry on stimulating conversations so that they keep their sugar daddy interested and happy. If a man has grown tired of his wife but isn't ready to dole out child support and spousal support, having a young woman on the side to keep him stimulated and happy is often the way to go.

Neither person in this situation needs to make a commitment. They can spend an evening together and then part, never to see one another again. Or they can date occasionally. And the money made by these women is far and above anything involved in conventional dating. It seems to be a win/win for everyone involved. In fact, they usually find each other online by sugar baby websites.