How to Dress For Your First Date
Posted by | December 30, 2016

cheers on the first dateYou have a date with a handsome guy from the sugar baby websites you were in and you want to get his attention. First dates can be really terrifying but planning for what to wear on your first date doesn’t have to be. Don’t take on others who frantically search through their closet. Instead, take a step back to regroup and remain calm. You can get your date outfit covered without getting stressed for your sugar baby dating.

1. Stick to Your Personal Style

First dates aren’t exactly the time to experiment on the latest trends. If you trust your gut, then it is okay. But if you are doubtful, it will be best to stick in your personal style. The best thing is to be comfortable in your own skin. You wouldn’t want to be fidgety in your date because you’re not comfortable, right? At the same time, if this date has potential to bloom to a relationship, it’s the best to wear something that reflects who you are.

2. Aim for Comfort and Practical

On first dates, comfortable clothes are a must so you can focus on knowing each other instead of tugging at your dress. So, it’s better to wear your own clothes and if you’re not used to heels, a platform slip-on is perfectly acceptable. Not only is it comfortable, but practical as well especially if the date activities are a mystery. You may just end up standing on your feet for hours.

3. Not Sure What to Wear? Choose Red

If you’re not sure what to wear, the safest bet is red. According to studies, men think that red is the sexiest color on a woman. So, for your sugar baby dating, red might just be the perfect color to get your date more interested about you. Any woman is sure to look fabulous in red so you only need a few accessories to add to your outfit. But if you’re not comfortable with a red top, you can try wearing red skirt or a red lipstick to go for similar effect.

4. Summer Dress with Soft Fabric

During first date, your objective is to look approachable and touchable. At the same time, you would like to look feminine and enticing. One effective way to achieve all of that is by wearing a summer outfit in soft textiles. For an off-the-cuff but chic look, you can wear your summer outfit with ankle boots and top it off with a denim jacket.

5. Simple Make-Up is More Than Enough

As mentioned before, first dates aren’t the time for experimenting with beauty trends, not only clothes but make-up as well. For this date, the key is to emphasize your best features. On that note, avoid using too much concealer or using false lashes. Instead, draw attention to your eyes with a liner and mascara or to your lips with a bright lipstick color.

First dates may seem terrifying but the key has always been comfort. When it comes to dating, you want to know your date and he wants to know you as well. So that you can focus on all these things and not on being uncomfortable about how you look, recognize your style beforehand and stick to that for a successful sugar baby dating.