Being a Sugar Baby Makes You Have Abundant Life Experience
Posted by | July 18, 2016

A sugar baby on the beachNowadays, word “sugar” doesn’t only mean a sweet chemical composition. It’s also a life style. Some people blame it, while others seek it. Nevertheless, I am a sugar baby.

I started this life style last winter. After being departed with my beloved one, who I found was an autistic gay man. My heart was cold in this rigorous winter. I’m also a single mom of two children. With the divorce came freedom and life has to go on. I decided to try new chance. “Why not find another guy?” The former sad and failed dating experience made me give up the regular relationship. I need companionship but being afraid of heavy commitment.

I joined several online sugar baby websites and being surprised that I’m not the only one who own this dating idea. There were lots of men I met online were married men seeking secret fun and they want to escape from their daily, conventional lives temporarily.

The first sugar daddy I met was from Vancouver. He offered me $5000 every month for allowance. I was encouraged by the monthly income of $35,000 from several sugar daddies. It's my best and luckiest month. A generous sugar daddy sends me $7500 for just one date. I am always gracious and delightful no matter how much the allowance is. It’s my trusted sugar baby tips.

Money is just one goal of the life. I also want my career and success. We loan the beauty, youth and charm in exchange of wealth, power and the chances which enable us to catch the ladder of success. One of my sugar daddy, invest $25,000 into helping me founded my personal Salon. However, it’s his mentorship which makes me appreciate mostly.

However, not everyone is as generous and sweet. I had once met a “weird” man. He was an Arizona-based guy. His best comment on me was that I looked like his ex-wife who committed suicide. How romantic it is! There are many blonde sugar babies’ profile pictures on a weird display. I tried to leave, he thrown my suitcase and pound my head with porcelain plates. Luckily, I succeeded in running out. I wasn’t familiar with Arizona and felt uncomfortable to call the police. I turned to my online sugar dating page for help. I got nearly 100 responses within minutes. One enthusiastic follower even called police for me.

Sometimes, I don’t define the sugar baby dating experience with just dollar sign. One time, I get an access to a style tour through the Garment District with my sugar daddy. This tour blazes up my passion for designer fashion. Another sugar daddy took me to a 10-day tour around the Bahamas. We rented a car probing the islands together. The scenery turned out to be an undeniable beauty, but the trip also exposed we are incompatible with each other.

Don’t be foolish. You are not having a boyfriend, you are dating with a sugar daddy. The rule applied to normal relationships is not applicable to the sugar daddy & sugar baby relationship. It’s not wise to be angry or jealous. You need to keep graceful, you can never lose temper. It’s the best policy to be a perfect companion, bosom friend. And the best reward is that your sugar daddy will reply on you.

I know what I want clearly from a sugar daddy & sugar baby dating relationship. I would appreciate more beauty in the world when I was only 24 years old. But now, I know there’s a far distance between regular dating and sugar relationship. The most important for me now is to figure weather it’s worthwhile to start a certain sugar relationship.