9 Guides For A New Sugar Baby
Posted by FreeSugarBabyWebsites.com | December 09, 2015

Young Sugar BabyAs a new sugar baby, many sugar babies may ask what should I do? I know nothing since I’m new to this site. How to find a sugar daddy? You will know how to do after reading tips below:

1. Create a perfect profile, try to make your profile as complete as possible, especially the “about me” and “about my match” part. Try to write more details as possible, such as your hobbies, favorite stars, what requirements you have on your sugar daddy. The most important is to upload more clearer recent photos, you can show your body (but not nude photos), your daily life photos, etc. The statistics show that sugar babies with photos will have 20 times more chances of being dated by sugar daddies than sugar babies without photos.

2. While sugar babies seeking sugar daddies in local, you will find there are many sugar daddies around but many of them don’t have photos. Many sugar daddies even hide their profiles, you can only check after sending application. In fact, it’s not strange. Most sugar daddies on sugar baby website are successful men, maybe a decent business man, famous doctor, lawyer, etc. They have high social position. That’s why they hide profile and wait you to contact them. How to judge if they are real sugar daddies? Some of them have verified photos, income, occupation, etc. You can consider these sugar daddies in priority. You can also require webcam chat to confirm if it’s the same people who appears in the photo. You are a smart sugar baby. We believe you can judge who is a fake sugar daddy.

3. Be honest. Be real. Try to be honest no matter while you are filling your profile on sugar baby websites, describing yourself, or meeting him offline. Lies will be disclosed one day. You will be embarrassed and lose the contact with him.

4. Buy a backup mobile phone and separate it from your usually used phone. I don’t insist that you should buy it. However, if you have a boyfriend or a very noisy friend / parent, you’d better buy one and use a new phone number. Otherwise, everyone will know your sugar daddy dating affairs. It may destroy your relation with your sugar daddy. Mobile phone is very cheap nowadays. And you can call him first and hang up the phone and wait for his call.

5. Don’t send your passport information to him, either original or a copy. If the guy wants you to fly to see him and let you send your passport information for a ticket, don’t believe him. It’s a lie! No one needs passport for a ticket! Don’t ask him to send the airway ticket fees to you card or he may judge you as a scammer. He may report you at once. He will ask your bank account details if he really want you to fly to his place.

6. Safety tips while traveling. You can ask him to come to your place if there’s a far distance between you. If he needs you to go to his place, because he is too busy to leave, 4 safety tips you need to pay attention to:

(1) Tell your reliable friend where to go before departure.
(2) Turn on GPS and share your new location to friends' circle while traveling.
(3) Book a return ticket to give yourself a posterior in case you two don’t reach an agreement.
(4) Make sure a hotel room is in your name, or that you have your own key. It gives you back some power when you're traveling on his dime.

7. Don’t discuss money or sleep with him during first date. People won’t cherish things which are easy to get. Meanwhile, judge carefully if he’s a real sugar daddy, don’t fall into the trap he sets. You may consider whether sleep with him when he agrees to give you corresponding allowance.

8. Please remember to put on condom when you have sex with him. Ask him to show you the recent medical report if he denies. Don’t treat it as a crazy thing or a fuss. It’s a must for your safety.

9. If he takes you to a lower restaurant to eat or wears clothes brought from H&M, you don’t have to his car, leave right now!

All in all, keep a cool mind while dating with sugar daddy and don’t get lost in his sweet words. Polish your eyes to see all the false things.