5 Questions Shouldn’t Talk with your Sugar Daddy
Posted by FreeSugarBabyWebsites.com | September 05, 2016

beautiful sugar baby cheers with a sugar daddySince it is all common to see sugar daddies around and some women interested in them, the latter needs to avoid discussing certain things while in a relationship. There are some certain topics that need to be avoided as well. However, if the arrangement has already progressed and you have known each other well, that would be the right time to ask him about serious questions.

Here are a few of those questions that you should not talk with your sugar daddy:

1. How much money do you make?

When you will visit a sugar babies website and you will become a member of it, you must always avoid asking some questions related to the money that he makes. This is an embarrassing question, so far. And, even though that old guy is making lots of money, he may think that you are only interested of him because of his money. You must clearly pay attention to your question and to your conversations with him. You must not also give him an impression that he is just a wallet to you.

2. Do you Love me or your Wife More?

If you will ask him if he loves you or his wife more, remember that it is far more disappointing question. That is why you must avoid it clearly and never let him choose you over his wife. This only causes pressure on him all the more. Instead of him being interested in you, he may somehow lose his interest in you. Remember as well that he is already tied in marriage with his wife. There is no need to make it clear that he loves you over his wife for that matter.

3. Why Didn’t your Last Relationship Work?

When you ask him this question, you are only putting him in such an embarrassing situation. Almost all people who had gone through failed relationships and heartbreaks would never want to discuss and open it up. The heartaches and the pains felt in the previous relationship are not something good to talk to. That is why it is not a good idea to ask if why his last relationship did not work. You are not helping him start a new life and be more interested in you.

4. What is your Family Business?

Even though almost all people would want to talk more about themselves, Sugar Daddies would want to break the monotony. If he will share some information about his business, then it would be fine. But, if he never gives a clue of his family business, you just need to avoid questioning it, so far. Remember that this topic will only come naturally.

5. Do you have Health or Body Issues?

When you have become a member of free sugar baby sites and you have met an old guy, you must avoid asking if he has health or body issues. This is another question that you need to avoid in order for you to end up in a good relationship with sugar daddies. Sugar babies usually avoid this one significant question that does them no good.

Sugar baby dating is simply a good and exciting experience but be ready in entering in the kind of relationship afterwards!