10 Tips For Sugar Baby On First Date
Posted by FreeSugarBabyWebsites.com | November 23, 2015

sugar baby on first dateAfter communicating with an elder, rich guy through sugar baby websites or offline, you are willing to develop a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship with him. You hope he can ask you out for a coffee or dinner. Please don’t hurry. He will take the initiative to ask you out if you are the one for him. A lady should be a little reserved, right? However, do you know what you should pay attention to while on the first date?

1. Where to go. Please tell your family or friends where to go, what to do? How long will this date need?

2. Take mobile phone with you. Please do remember to take a mobile phone in case that there will be an emergency. You can call the police or ask for help in time.

3. Take good care of your money. Please don’t take a large amount of cash or expensive jewelry. Take good care of your money.

4. Dress to impress. Please dress up yourself as he likes if you know what type of sugar baby he likes through former communication. Don’ t worry if you don’t know his taste. Try your best to make yourself more beautiful and young. Sugar daddies always like youthful, vibrant, funny sugar babies.

5. Don’t be late. No one will like a person who is not punctual, especially a successful man. Time is money for them.

6. Meet in public place. It may seem like common sense but bear this in mind. Safety comes first.

7. Don’t be too nervous. Relax a little bit. Yes, he’s rich and successful but also an ordinary man. He may be also very nervous the last night before meeting you. He even can’t sleep. He knows a fact that you are much younger than him. He also worries and doesn’t know how to communicate with you. Your job is to make him relax. And the easiest way to help him feel at ease is to ease yourself.

8. Don’t talk money with him. It sounds strange but please don’t discuss a lot about your financial crisis when date with a potential sugar daddy on first date. It may have an effect on how much allowance you can get when negotiating with him. He may pay you as cheaply as he can. He may give you $500 or less if your expected payment is $500 - $1000 a week. Please don’t forget this. Most sugar daddies have strong economic capacity. He may be a decent business man. What makes his life for a business man? Negotiation! So, you may put yourself on a detrimental place if disclosing your financial situation too early! What should you talk if not money? You can talk a little bit about your future and you will. You want to buy a new style GUCCI bag and change a car, etc. He may realize your dream soon if you are the one for him.

9. Don’t sleep with him. I hope this will become a common sense for sugar babies. Some sugar daddies will make his decision immediately whether to sleep with you or not while seeing you at the first sight. He will make every effort to persuade you to sleep with him. DON’T AGREE!! First, you don’t know if he’s a real sugar daddy or not. Second, it’s not wise to let him get what he wants freely. Can you accept this fact? You don’t come out to look for fun. You can ignore my 8th rule if you accept his financial compensation. This will be your first meeting also the last meeting if you break the rule and accept the financial compensation. You can’t get in touch with him again. Make your decision again after dating several more times.

10. Don’t tell him your specific address. It’s OK to tell him your contact information such as email, telephone, etc. Find an excuse to refuse him if he wants to drive you home. You can avoid many unnecessary troubles and seize the initiative.

Hope you have learned on these first date tips well. It’s better to date several more times when decide to live together. Otherwise, you will find you have nothing in common while living together. It will be really embarrassed. Good Luck!